rustic MUSHROOM SOUP, onion, thyme, lemon oil, crisp sage /12

Passerine Potatoes, Stracciatella dip, roasted garlic, beef tallow /12

Labneh Parfait, whipped yogurt, honey fermented strawberries, puffed wheatberries, hazelnut crumble /12

Local Cheese Plate, selection of three cheeses, pickles, seasonal fruit jam /20

Killed Greens, red butterhead lettuce, pea tendrils, cucumber, red onion, dill, tallow vinaigrette /12

fennel & beet salad, pickled kumquats, chicory, pistachios /13

Stracciatella & Pear Toast, bourbon roasted ajou pears, watercress, honey, spicy peanuts /5

Japanese Milkbread French Toast, blueberry compote, lemon curd, almond crumble /14

biscuits & Mushroom Gravy, fried egg, mixed greens /12

organic egg Omelette, linden dale goat romano, caramelized onions, sauce choron, chives /15

tofu Scramble, nutritional yeast, turmeric, roasted sweet potatoes, mushroom, spinach, dukkah /13

Mussels, braised tomato, fresh herbs, espelette, grilled sourdough /18

Wagyu Beef Shakshuka, Stewed red peppers & tomatoes, poached local eggs, elsewhere bread sourdough /24

Steak & Eggs, soft scrambled eggs, breakfast hash, hollandaise /28

Drink Specials

Bloody Mary

potato vodka, tomato, lemon, and lime Juices, vegan worcestershire, horseradish, spice blend, hot sauce



draft beer, aquavit, tomato, orange, & lime juices, la boite b-marion spice blend, worcestershire, tajin


Og Mimosa

fresh orange juice topped with your choice of sparkling brut or draft weiss beer



fresh grapefruit juice & vanilla syrup with your choice of sparkling rosé or draft ipa


Spring Espresso Martini

pa potato vodka, passenger espresso, chartreuse verte, martinique rhum, vanilla, blackberry