Butternut Squash Bisque, sage and pumpkin seed pesto /10

Passerine Potatoes, Stracciatella dip, roasted garlic /12

Radicchio Salad, Fermented plum vinaigrette, pear, kohlrabi, mint /10

Ricotta Toast, mushroom conserva, watercress, shaved radish /12

Stewed Tomatoes, corn, aleppo, goat feta, poached egg, brioche breadcrumbs /14

Local Cheese Plate, selection of three cheeses, pickles, seasonal fruit jam, scones /20

Buttermilk Waffle, Whipped honey ricotta, raspberry puree /10

organic egg Omelette, linden dale goat romano, caramelized onions, sauce choron, chives /15

Breakaway Farms Steak & Eggs, lizzy's sourdough, tomme, brisket, soft scramble /23

Chicken Salad Sandwich, Alyssa's sourdough bun, confit mayo, pickled red onion, crispy potatoes /20

PEI Mussels, ploughman churchyard cider, chicken stock, herbs, butter, lizzy's sourdough /17


Pati De Nata, portuguese egg custard tart, raspberry, espresso ice cream /10

Drink Specials

Bloody Mary

potato vodka, tomato, lemon, and lime Juices, vegan worcestershire, horseradish, spice blend, hot sauce



draft beer, aquavit, tomato, orange, & lime juices, la boite b-marion spice blend, worcestershire, tajin


Og Mimosa

fresh orange juice topped with your choice of sparkling brut or draft weiss beer



fresh grapefruit juice & vanilla syrup with your choice of sparkling rosé or draft ipa


Espresso Martini

Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, Passenger Espresso, House Autumn Amaro Blend, Damson Plum, Roasted Chicory Root, Vanilla

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